#Insuranceanswers: Reviewing Insurance Programs

Hello and welcome back to another edition of insurance answers, I'm your host Billy Bray. When we review insurance programs, we almost always find something that could be better, less expensive, has more coverage, or maybe even better service. A lot of times it is a combination of all of those. I would go on to say nine out of ten companies have a problem with their insurance whether they know it or not. So it is important to either talk to your broker or find an external expert that can give you an analysis and tell you “hey your insurance is perfect” or “it's imperfect.” After you do that, and if it's not exactly what you thought it was or it's not as full coverage as you thought, or maybe you have a duplication or a gap in coverage. Find it out and ask your broker. If you don’t agree with their response then go to an unbiased third party, another broker, or somebody like us that can do a review for you and be happy to do so. Most people have an insurance problem whether they know it or not, find out if you do today.

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

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