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Manage Your Company’s Level of Risk With Outsourced Risk Managers

Risk can arise from various sources, such as internal factors like human error, technology failures, or financial mismanagement, or external factors such as natural disasters, economic changes, or geopolitical events.

At Outsourced Risk Managers, we categorize risks into four quadrants:
Financial Risks account for risks such as credit default and budget overruns.
Strategic Risks such as pricing wars and new competitors are on the upper right quadrant.
Hazard Risks such as equipment accident and severe weather.
Operational Risks, including IT Systems Failure and Health & Safety Violation 

Risks belonging to the upper quadrants (Financial Risk and Strategic Risks) are risks that cannot be covered by insurance coverage. Therefore, it is particularly crucial that these risks are managed and their negative impact mitigated.

On the other hand, Hazard Risks and Operational Risks are risks that you can get insurance coverage for. While insurance protects from the financial downsides of negative events coming from Hazard and Operational Risks, having frequent realized negative events from said risks will cause your insurance premiums to rise—not to mention the intangible negative effect on workers’ morale and overall productivity. 

What Are the Benefits of Risk Management for Businesses Across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico?

Risk Management is beneficial to companies all over the world, which is why we are proud to offer our commercial insurance and risk management services to numerous countries.

The main goal of risk management is to minimize the likelihood of negative events and reduce their impact (should they occur) by developing and implementing strategies and plans to manage them effectively.

Outsourced Risk Managers can help your business in multiple ways:

  • Create a Safer Work Environment for Employees
  • Lower Houston Insurance Premiums
  • Encourage Higher Productivity
  • Lower Upkeep Costs
  • Assure Regulatory Compliance 

Manage Your Business’ Risks with Outsourced Risk Managers

Running a company in the energy, private equity, family office, construction, and real estate industries means that accidents and other mishaps are a part of doing business and cannot be fully prevented. However, they can be mitigated. Take a proactive approach towards protecting your company and your employees by availing Outsourced Risk Managers’ Risk Management service. Call us now and let us help you drive down your insurance costs while providing the safest possible work environment for your employees. We look forward to protecting your company and advocating for its success.

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

Outsourced Risk Managers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you protect your company and advocating for it in the face of larger insurance corporations that may otherwise try to offer less than you deserve. Rest assured that, as your risk management team, we always strive to give you better coverage, better pricing, more service, and better resources.

Our Houston-based insurance brokerage focuses on hard-to-place, risky, middle market companies. Outsourced Risk Managers levels the playing field, leverages our resources, and assists you from a place of sincerity. Our goal is to give you better coverage, better pricing, better service, and more resources as your risk managers. We look forward to helping protect your company.