Risk Management Services

Houston Insurance Services, Consultation, and Commercial Insurance Brokerage for Entrepreneurs

Outsourced Risk Managers is an industrial and commercial insurance brokerage that is proud to help business owners protect their companies from being taken advantage of by larger insurance corporations. Working closely with you, we can help you obtain the coverage you need with the following services:

Commercial Insurance Brokerage

We compare multiple insurance companies and provide you with quotes so you can select from insurers already vetted by us. With our vast experience in the commercial insurance industry as agents, providers, consultants, and brokers, we can handle the challenging part of finding the right insurance provider for your company. We will utilize our knowledge to match your specific needs with competitively-priced policies from insurers that we trust to protect your company.


We take a proactive, ongoing approach to assessing your insurance policy for the needs of your company. Quarterly risk management strategy sessions are also available. Our insurance consultation process involves a word-for-word review and accompanying report of your existing policy or program. This will determine if you have the proper insurance coverage that your company needs, and if it is competitively priced. To date, we have helped more than 92% of our clients get better insurance.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a resource we provide to help companies drive down their costs while maintaining the safest possible work environment for their employees. Our risk management protocol, which minimizes financial risks, strategic risks, hazard risks, and operational risks, will help companies provide the safest possible work environment for their employees. When your workplace is at its safest, employees are happy, productivity is increased, business operations are smooth and sustainable, accidents are kept at a minimum (if not totally prevented), and insurance claims are avoided, which ensures insurance premiums are kept low.

Captive Insurance

Instead of purchasing insurance from an external insurance company, we can help you establish your your own that offers coverage for your specific needs. Save on insurance premiums by establishing a captive insurance company for your companies. By providing your own coverage, your company—no matter its size or level of risk—saves on value-added costs passed on to you by third-party insurers. With our guidance, you can benefit from custom insurance coverage that is tailor-fit to your needs.

Let Outsourced Risk Managers Advocate For the Success of Your Company

Navigating the insurance industry is not an easy undertaking, so let us do the heavy-lifting for you. Outsourced Risk Managers is here to help you protect your company from being taken advantage of by ensuring that you obtain the insurance coverage you need.

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

Outsourced Risk Managers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you protect your company and advocating for it in the face of larger insurance corporations that may otherwise try to offer less than you deserve. Rest assured that, as your risk management team, we always strive to give you better coverage, better pricing, more service, and better resources.

Our Houston-based insurance brokerage focuses on hard-to-place, risky, middle market companies. Outsourced Risk Managers levels the playing field, leverages our resources, and assists you from a place of sincerity. Our goal is to give you better coverage, better pricing, better service, and more resources as your risk managers. We look forward to helping protect your company.