Insurance Broker Services


Turn to Our Commercial Insurance Experts When You’re in Need of a Professional’s Perspective

Seeking an insurance consultation by Outsourced Risk Managers, a Houston-based commercial insurance brokerage, allows you to get our expert advice and guidance to make informed decisions about different aspects of your insurance. This includes insurance policies, breadth of the insurance coverage, cost of the premium payments, and risk assessment, among others. 

As insurance consultants serving companies across all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and other countries, we are trained professionals who can provide expert advice and conduct rigorous assessments to determine the competence of your current insurance coverage in relation to your specific company requirements. Our insurance consultants advocate for entrepreneurs like yourself by leveling the playing field, offering our numerous resources, and helping from a place of sincerity. You deserve coverage and we’ll help you obtain it.

Beyond assessments, our insurance consultants also perform maintenance tasks such as due diligence and audits to guarantee that the policy you have is ironclad.

Insurance Consultation For High-Risk Companies

We concentrate on high-risk and hard-to-place companies. If you run a company in the oil field and exploration, construction, and real estate industries, then we recommend seeking only the most proficient insurance consultants available. Our meticulous consultation includes the following to ensure you are paying for the right policy:

Assessing Existing Insurance Policies

We will assess your policy to determine whether it is adequate, if there is a need to expand your coverage, or if you’re better off finding a better policy that is more fairly-priced. Our insurance consultants will analyze your existing policy from our keen perspective that not only accounts for the numbers, but also the big picture. 

Providing Ongoing Support

Our work does not stop after the procurement of insurance policies for our clients. Our insurance consultation service includes ongoing support. This involves regular review of your policies, beyond compulsory due diligence and audits. Regular reviews of your insurance policies are imperative to guarantee that your current policies remains adequate and responsive to your dynamic business needs.

If you have retained our consulting services, you are entitled to free quarterly risk management strategy sessions and no-cost risk assessments, which are separate services that we offer that can be availed separately. 

Staying Up to Date with Industry Changes

The insurance industry is a complex one with changes occurring rather frequently. Our insurance consultants will keep a close eye on industry developments–such as new products and services, regulatory changes, and market trends–to make certain that you can continuously obtain the right insurance coverage for your company.

Outsourced Risk Managers Strives to Protect Your Company by Securing Customized Insurance Programs For You

When it comes to securing insurance coverage for your company, do not leave it up to chance. Acquiring the right insurance program for you is an integral step in keeping your business protected. If you would like to take a step in the right direction while you protect and expand your company, don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your coverage is inadequate or that your insurance provider won’t pay up. Call us now and lean on us to advocate for the success of your company.

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

Outsourced Risk Managers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you protect your company and advocating for it in the face of larger insurance corporations that may otherwise try to offer less than you deserve. Rest assured that, as your risk management team, we always strive to give you better coverage, better pricing, more service, and better resources.

Our Houston-based insurance brokerage focuses on hard-to-place, risky, middle market companies. Outsourced Risk Managers levels the playing field, leverages our resources, and assists you from a place of sincerity. Our goal is to give you better coverage, better pricing, better service, and more resources as your risk managers. We look forward to helping protect your company.