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Establishing a Captive Insurance Agency

Self Insurance to Provide Your Business With Peace of Mind

As  a business owner, securing insurance coverage is essential–especially if you run a higher risk company in the commercial real estate, oil field service and exploration, and construction industries. 

Having said that, many business owners in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and even other countries, feel that established insurance companies attempt to take advantage of them. Entrepreneurs across various industries are weary of 

  • Costly premium payments
  • Narrow coverage
  • Convoluted policies couched in legalese
  • Delays in processing of claims
  • Denial of claims

As an entrepreneur owning a high-risk business, insurance premiums are a necessary expense to protect your company. When insurance companies do not honor their commitments, it can be a significant source of frustration and stress.

The business insurance brokers at Outsourced Risk Managers believe that the source of misunderstanding is the uneven access to information and expertise regarding insurance. This is why we aim to level the playing field by educating people on insurance instruments as well as offering our expertise as brokers and consultants to help people get better insurance.

Benefits of Captive Insurance

We can begin the process of establishing your captive insurance program once our initial consultation and feasibility study determine that captive insurance is appropriate for your business. Companies that have captive insurance in place can benefit from the following:

Cost Savings

By establishing your own Captive Insurance agency, your company can benefit from lower insurance premiums that offer more customized coverage compared to traditional insurance policies.

Tax Benefits

Your Captive Insurance agency can be incorporated such that it offers tax breaks to your parent company. Simply put, your parent company seeks to deduct the premium it pays to your captive insurance company. Ideally, your captive insurance company is located in a state with lower taxes than your parent company so that tax benefits are realized when your captive insurance company declares the premiums it collects.

Custom Coverage

Captive Insurance can be customized to meet the specific needs of the insured. This is especially useful for businesses that require specialized coverage due to their higher risk that cannot be serviced by traditional third-party insurers.

Prevent Bad Faith Insurance

Since the captive insurance company is owned by the parent company, this significantly lowers if not eliminates the possibility that the insurer will renege on its obligations.

Get Better Insurance with Outsourced Risk Managers

Our goal is to get business owners the insurance coverage they deserve by honing our expertise to bridge the gap between business owners and insurance companies, serving as industrial insurance brokers, and helping you from a place of sincerity. Call us now and let us protect your business. We look forward to advocating for your success!

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

Outsourced Risk Managers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you protect your company and advocating for it in the face of larger insurance corporations that may otherwise try to offer less than you deserve. Rest assured that, as your risk management team, we always strive to give you better coverage, better pricing, more service, and better resources.

Our Houston-based insurance brokerage focuses on hard-to-place, risky, middle market companies. Outsourced Risk Managers levels the playing field, leverages our resources, and assists you from a place of sincerity. Our goal is to give you better coverage, better pricing, better service, and more resources as your risk managers. We look forward to helping protect your company.