#Insuranceanswers: Simplifying the Claims Process

Here at Outsourced Risk Managers, we want to simplify the claims process for you. We won’t even not charge a fee for this service, we are going to make sure that we're your advocate. We will make sure that your claim gets paid accurately, fairly, and timely. By doing this without charging you a fee, we need to be your broker. That way we can have control of your policies. We will be able to understand your underwriter, and so that we can talk directly to your insurance company. We are your advocate, we are your broker. To get started, fill out the form and we will be in touch with you once we receive it back.

Don't Hire Just A Broker, Hire A Risk Manager

Outsourced Risk Managers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you protect your company and advocating for it in the face of larger insurance corporations that may otherwise try to offer less than you deserve. Rest assured that, as your risk management team, we always strive to give you better coverage, better pricing, more service, and better resources.

Our Houston-based insurance brokerage focuses on hard-to-place, risky, middle market companies. Outsourced Risk Managers levels the playing field, leverages our resources, and assists you from a place of sincerity. Our goal is to give you better coverage, better pricing, better service, and more resources as your risk managers. We look forward to helping protect your company.