#Insuranceanswers: Claims

Hello and welcome back to another edition of insurance answers, I'm your host Billy Bray. Today we are going to be talking about claims. It’s very simple, most people who have claims tend to call them in which is fine and it will probably get processed and it will probably be okay. However, in the situation where your claim gets denied, partially paid, or you're having a problem where you are going back and forth with the insurance company. It’s always recommended to write to your broker and your carrier so that you can get the claim upfront.

By doing this you are being professional, and you are creating a paper trail so there’s recourse to the carrier if they don't pay your claim. Which leads to you getting the claims money in the end. Last time that I checked in my state (Texas) the claims money was roughly 18%. This means that if you had a $100,000 claim that got denied, but then you end up getting it paid because you had your broker, an insurance attorney, and/or a public adjuster help you. But then the court says “hey ABC insurance company, you owe this person $100,000. And with interest it could be $118,000 if it took 2-3 years, or maybe it's even more than that.”

Write and email your claims, I don’t recommend you call them in. You can call them in to be expeditious, however make sure to email them too and say, “hey per our conversation, this is what we just talked about.” That way you've got a paper trail and you can back it up in the rare case that something gets denied, partially paid, or not paid at all. This gives you a lot of leverage on the insurance company. Their attorneys know it, and now you do too.

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#Insuranceanswers: Deductibles

Hello and welcome back to another edition of insurance answers, I'm your host, Billy Bray. This is quick and easy, make sure that you know what your deductible is. Whether it's your auto insurance deductible, your general liability deductible, or even your property deductible, for contents and as well as for wind and hail. Also make sure that you know if you have a deductible on your umbrella. If you have a deductible on your umbrella I would argue that you could probably get that deductible moved to zero for no additional pricing. If you want to see if that's possible click the link below we'll be happy to look at your policy and tell you if that works for you. 

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